Here at williams|grant Wine Glug, or WGWG, we like all things wine oriented (or oenological for the intellectuals).

WGWG has developed from a long standing interest in wine; growing it, the wine business itself and of course drinking it.

Having worked with both growers and retailers as clients, we decided to develop a platform where like minded lovers of wine could access product from boutique vineyards that they would not ordinarily be able to buy.

Unusual wines

Much excellent quality wine is produced by small concerns and often does not travel beyond its own region. Using our network we aim to make small amounts of excellent wine available to discerning fans at excellent prices.

As small concerns, they do not have access to large scale finance but do not want to go down the "co-operative" approach, where the unique character of their product would be lost.

We are also working with a few small entrepreneurial vineyards in France, Spain and England who produce excellent wine and are keen to develop their businesses.